Demo Reel

A selection of clips from short films for which I have written an original score


What I can Provide

Custom sound designs, editing effects and building soundscapes for film or installation. Providing that professional polished sound to your production.


High quality original music, composed and tailored to your desired aesthetic. Electronic, classical, folk, ambient, you name it!


Location recording services for your events, films or anything you want on "tape"! Based in the West of Ireland and willing to travel with industry standard equipment.


Artist Portfolio

Hush Clowns


Save the Bees!

Ray - Sound Design

Nuclear Families

Glass Half Full

About me

Leo Wolstenholme

Sound Artist

An artist working primarily in the area of music and audio-visual media. A diverse musical tuition and an education in digital art and creative technologies have fuelled a passion for composition and a desire to discover new possibilities in creative technological art.

Experience in sound design and scoring for film provides a basis for work in the broader areas of electro-acoustic composition and audio-visual installation art. Most recent work has provided an opportunity to explore the field of spatial audio.

Skills and Tools

Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reaper

Max/MSP, Processing, Arduino C

Violin, Bass Guitar, other miscellaneous instruments

Music Theory